Building and Shipping Out ZBoards

September 30 2016

Check out a behind the scenes look at how we build, test, package and ship ZBoards.

New Speed and Safety Modes

September 15 2016

Check our latest speed and safety improvements.

Early September Progress Update

September 02 2016

Check out the latest progress on our Beta 2.1 batch of ZBoard 2 units.

August Testing Update: Part 2 Of 2

August 19 2016

Check out our latest improvements and delivery schedule.

electric skateboard test

August Testing Update: Part 1 of 2

August 12 2016

electric skateboard test

Check out the latest results and feedback from Beta Testing.

Feedback, New Features, New Timelines, and Beta Round 2

July 05 2016

Read up on the latest feedback from our Beta Riders.

June ZBoard Electric Skateboard Update: Shipping Begins!

June 01 2016

Check out our latest pictures and videos detailing ZBoard 2 production.


Electric Skateboard with Lights

Latest ZBoard Electric Skateboard Firmware Progress

April 19 2016

Electric Skateboard with Lights

Check out our latest video and pictures from our recent firmware development.


Top View of Electric Skateboard

Speed Controller Developments and Progress Around the Shop

March 22 2016

Top View of Electric Skateboard

Check out our latest developments on our firmware and speed controllers for the ZBoard Electric Skateboard.

Motor Improvements and Schedule Update

February 24 2016

Recently we've made some massive improvements to the ZBoard 2's motor, making it faster and smoother than ever.

Production Motors Have Arrived

February 04 2016

Production Motors have arrived and we're excited to begin assembly for our Beta Production Run!

ZBoarding into 2016

ZBoarding into 2016

January 15 2016
ZBoarding into 2016
Check out our latest progress in the shop and our updated production timeline.

Welcome to the ZBoard Shop

December 15 2015

Come behind the scenes and check out where we build the ZBoard!

Beta Testing and Our Trip to China

November 11 2015

Check out our latest progress on the ZBoard 2 along with a video from our trip to China.

ZBoard 2 Motor Controller and Firmware Progress

August 31 2015

Check out our latest update on the ZBoard 2's firmware and motor controller progress here.

Deep Dive on Decks

May 01 2015

Our decks travel thousands of miles to several locations before getting to our shop. Check out the details of our process.

ZBoard 2 on "Live with Kelly and Michael!"

February 08 2015

Watch Michael Strahan cruise on the Z2 on "Live with Kelly and Michael!" See the video here.

Detailed Rundown of Improved ZBoard 2 Components

January 28 2015

Check out this in-depth comparison of the Original ZBoard to ZBoard 2. This article will discuss the greatly improved components on the Z2 including the chapters on the deck, footpads, motor, and more. Learn more here.

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