ZBoard Special Editions

Last week at the DEMO Conference in Santa Clara, CA, we announced 3 new ZBoard Special Editions (See below in RED for upgrade information).

Santa Monica Special - Larger Battery Capacity, Longer Range, Smooth Wheels, Surf-Inspired Design

San Francisco Special - High Torque Motor, Increased Hill Climbing Capability, Black/Orange Design

Stereo Special - 4 Speakers Embedded into Battery Box, Bluetooth Connectivity, Plays Music

We haven't shot a video for the Stereo Special yet but we have some pretty cool ideas (you can see the basic functionality in the second half of this video)

We are hoping to have the City-based Special Editions available in December (expected price: $1099). We have not yet determined a price or timeline for the Stereo Special. We also have not yet finalized their designs, so we do not have final specs.

Anyone with a ZBoard Pro will be able to purchase an upgrade if they want any of the 3 Special Editions' hardware. Owners will send their entire board back in to us to be adjusted and costs/dates are to be determined. Owners of ZBoard Classics will have to upgrade to Pro before they can upgrade to a Special Edition.

We’re currently not taking orders for these Special Editions (or upgrades) but you can sign up for the waiting list at http://www.zboardshop.com/pages/special.




  • Ben Forman