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We've been nominated for an award!

Vote for us here and be entered* into a drawing to win a $250 coupon to our store!

The ZBoard was recently named one of the 15 finalists for the SMART Mobility EnterPrize Award. SMART is a University of Michigan initiative aimed at promoting innovative and sustainable transportation options in our growing cities. Read more here.

Of the 15 finalists, 3 will be selected to attend the Rio +20 Sustainability Conference in Rio de Janiero, Brazil in June. 2 finalists will be selected by judges and 1 will be selected for the “People’s Choice” award through this poll – that’s where we need you!

As of writing this, we are in 14th place out of 15 projects – not so good. How do we fix this? Offer bribes, err I mean a contest to encourage our community to vote.

So, let us know you’ve voted for the ZBoard* and we’ll enter you in a drawing to win a $250 credit to our store. Depending on whether you have purchased a ZBoard or not, this could mean half off  a ZBoard Classic Pre-Order, an upgrade from a Classic to a Pro, or a huge discount on your future Special Edition Upgrade!!!

*To enter the drawing, send us a Facebook message and state the percentage that the ZBoard is at after your vote. This percentage will be shown after you vote. If it isn't, click "View Results."

Get more entries!: If you share our Facebook status, you'll get an additional 2 entries in the drawing. If you retweet this out to your twitter followers, you'll also get an additional 2 entries in the drawing (meaning you can get a total of 5 entries).

Mention @ZBoard in your tweet so we can track it. Or just click the widget below. If you do tweet it out, send us your twitter handle in your Facebook message.

  • Ben Forman