ZBoard @ the Tony Hawk Rad Science Exhibit

On Saturday we attended the opening of the Tony Hawk Rad Science Exhibit at UC Berkeley Lawrence Hall of Science where the ZBoard is being featured as part of the evolution of skateboard technology.

The exhibit, which is much bigger than just the pictures below, is set to tour the country over the next 3 years. I highly recommend it for anyone with kids aged 14 and under as there are lots of hands-on exhibits that the attendees really seemed to enjoy. Check out the 2012 schedule here.

To mark the opening, Tony Hawk and his crew set up an awesome half pipe demo to teach the thousands of kids in attendance about the science of skateboarding.

Check out the ZBoard on display:

People are constantly comparing the ZBoard to the Back to the Future II Hoverboard, so its pretty cool that the museum put the boards side by side.

Here is a shot of Tony with the History of Skateboarding Exhibit.

Here are some pictures of the demo which was incredible to watch up close.



  • Ben Forman