Latest Progress on our Manufacturing Facility

Dear ZBoard Community,

Lately we've been spending some long days at Home Depot, industrial supply centers, and our manufacturing facility as we prepare it to receive dozens of pallets of parts in late June. Schedule-wise, we still expect to have all parts in late June at which point in time we'll begin building, testing, and shipping orders. Thanks you for your patience.
This week we focused on installing framing above our manufacturing tables. These faux ceilings will allow us to run wires and air lines above the workspaces which will reduce clutter on the ground and on the tables.
The plan.
First we completed the framing on the floor
The back wall was erected first. It supports the rest of the framing.
Completed Framing
Shop Panorama 1
Shop Panorama 2
Some additional pictures, including some of the 150 ZBoard Classic Batteries we've purchased.

Created with Admarket's flickrSLiDR.
We are also currently designing the work flow. Truck and footpad sub assemblies will be completed on the back wall tables. These table are lower allowing seated assembly. Also there is enough space to stage completed units. We plan to use the pallet racks next to the back wall tables to store the parts that go into the trucks  and footpads.
We plan to have soldering stations, for the motor and battery leads, on the side table seen close to the trash can. 
On the two main tables we will cut the foam for the underside of the deck, mount the truck/footpad unit into the deck holes, insert batteries and electronics into the box, and secure the battery box.
Once the boards are tested and approved we will ship them. We're currently refining our shipping container. Our recent shipping container prototype can be seen below. More changes are to come including graphics and replacing the styrofoam with corrugated cardboard.

Thank for your continued patience and support.



Ben and Geoff

  • Ben Forman