Pre-Order and Retail Pricing Change

Because of the additional costs and hurdles of the battery procurement process, we will be raising the retail price of the ZBoard Classic to $649 (from $599) and ZBoard Pro to $949 (from $849). 

If you’ve already placed your order, don’t worry. All purchases made prior to July 1st are locked in at the current price, so if you've already placed your order, don't worry, the price adjustment will not affect you at all! However, pre-orders placed after July 1st will increase to $549 for the ZBoard Classic (from $499) and to $849 for the ZBoard Pro (from $749).

That said, if you’ve already pre-ordered a ZBoard Classic and are interested in a ZBoard Pro Upgrade (either before or after you receive your board) you will still only have to pay the pre-order pricing difference of $250.

  • Ben Forman