ZBoard Founder's Club

We’re so stoked that you continue to support us through our delays that we have decided to establish the ZBoard Founder’s Club to show our appreciation! The ZBoard Founder’s Club’s membership is limited to pre-orderers only (if you've made an order, you're already in), and we will be closing the list the day we ship our first board.  As a member of the ZBoard Founder’s Club, you will receive:

1. Coupon Code - Show Off, Earn Rewards!

Dozens of you have emailed us that you not only can’t wait to ride your board, but also think your friends might want one too once they see it. Well, with our Coupon Code program we’ll pay you for it! Each pre-ordered board will be imprinted with a unique code underneath the nose. If one of your friends, family, co-workers, classmates, etc sees your ZBoard and decides they want one too, entering your coupon code during online checkout will get them a $50 discount, and you'll receive a $20 Amazon Gift Card! Be creative with your code. Ride your ZBoard everywhere you go, post it online, or convince your office to give ZBoards as holiday bonuses. You’ve been patient with us, so help us reward you for it!

2. Priority for New Models and Upgrades 

While we’ve been focused on production, we have also begun development of add-on features to your ZBoard based on your suggestions. These upgrades include headlights and taillights, a battery meter, wheel upgrades, and a shoulder sling, with even more ideas on the table. Each of these will initially come out as a limited release, and Founder’s Club members will get first priority on purchasing these add-ons.

3. Exclusive Contests

We’ll be periodically running exclusive contests for Founder’s Club members, with prizes including free t-shirts, upgrades, tickets to events we’re attending, private demos, and more.

While we know it’s a bit cheesy, the Founder’s Club is a way for us to show our appreciation for the early supporters of our vision. Without you, there is no ZBoard. We are dedicated to rewarding your patience and generosity for the life of our company. 





Note: If you've made an order, you're already in the club - no need to sign up anywhere. We will announce when the Founder's Club closes.

  • Ben Forman