Trucks/Motors/Wheels Shipment En Route

Dear ZBoard Community,

Since the last update we’ve made strides with our part sourcing, production, and more. Overall we are still on track to begin shipping ZBoards in August. 

As we mentioned in our past email, the most time intensive ZBoard components are the batteries and trucks, as both are sourced from Chinese manufacturers. Production of our trucks/motors/wheels order is complete and on its way and we look forward to its arrival at our facility in 3 weeks. Below are some pictures of the order.



Since they’ve packed the trucks, motor mounts, wheels, and motors separately, the overall shipment is larger than we expected, and we’ve decided to expand our facility to make sure we’ll have enough space.


Our other long lead-time components, the batteries, are nearing completion and should be done in the next week, with 3-4 weeks of transit to follow.

At our facility, we purchased a new compressor and verified that our system is airtight, meaning we’re now able to run several workstations with air-powered tools at once.

We’ve also continued improving the board. Along with refining the new speed controller design mentioned in the last update, we’ve also made progress on two ways to make the ZBoard easier to transport. First, we’ve prototyped a mechanism that will allow you to pull your ZBoard behind you like a rolling suitcase. It will be included on all ZBoards and we’ll be releasing more info on this mini improvement soon.  Also, we’ve begun development of a ZBoard shoulder sling bag that will make it easier to transport. Once the bag is finished we’ll make it available for purchase on our website to Founder’s Club members.

Once thank you for your continued support. We can’t wait to get these out to you.



Ben and Geoff


  • Ben Forman