Shipping Schedule, Pro Batteries, Soft Bushings, New Media, Contests and More

Dear ZBoard Community,

We've had an extremely busy past month. Check out what we've been up to in the video below:

Shipping Schedule

Our current goal is to deliver all Kickstarter orders (and website orders made before April 2nd, the day Kickstarter ended) in late December  / early January. Orders made after that will be shipped in order of purchase according to the projected schedule below.

This schedule is an estimate, and is subject to change.

Handle Grips

After some in-house prototyping, we determined that the handle covers we were making were taking too much time and not of satisfactory quality, so we decided to contract the work out to a sew shop. Our handles are a mix of vinyl, Velcro, and foam and really make the ZBoard more comfortable to hold. If you've already received your ZBoard and did not receive a handle, they’re available for free on our website here, just pay $5 for shipping.

You do not have to check out with your account, you can check out as a guest if you'd like.

Note: If you purchase a shirt as well, we'll toss it in with your handle and you'll still only pay $5 shipping (+$20 for the shirt).

Pro Batteries

Our Pro batteries arrived at our shop last month on 8 pallets.


Soft Bushings

Every ZBoard is shipped with firm bushings (green) installed. A set of soft bushings (yellow / orange) is included in with every ZBoard along with installation directions.

Confirming Addresses

We've sent many of you emails to confirm their address by making a profile on our website. This step is required before we can ship you ZBoard so please follow the directions in the email to prevent any further shipment delays.

Every shipment requires an adult signature. If you'd like, you can call FedEx with your tracking number (which will be emailed to you upon shipment) and have them hold your ZBoard at your local FedEx Office.

Note: If you input your work address, we'll save a few bucks on shipping and in some cases it may make it easier to receive the board on a weekday.

Note: We will send you this email approximately 4 weeks before your shipment. Please refrain from sending us messages wondering whether this email has been sent yet.

Recent Media

We spent a day last month in Manhattan Beach with AOL Translogic crew who got some of the best ZBoard footage we’ve ever seen. Check out their video review:

Photo Contest

We want to see your photos! Currently we’re running a photo of the month contest through our website and facebook and its no too late to enter. Enter now by uploading your photo to Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram with the @ZBoard tag, or emailing it in to pics@myzboard.com. 

We will select the photos and all voting will occur on our facebook page. Winner gets a ZBoard Shirt in the color and size of their choice.

Note: Tag both #zboard and @zboard on Instagram


  • Pictures with a 4x3 (horizontal) or square aspect ratio and web quality are preferred
  • If actively riding the ZBoard, rider must be wearing a helmet to qualify

User Videos

We’ve made a YouTube Playlist of all of the user ZBoard Videos we’ve seen uploaded. Check them out. Also, we’ll be running a video contest soon, so watch our facebook page for updates on that.

Reducing Rattling

We've had some emails regarding a rattling noise coming from the rear truck during riding. Click here to figure out how to eliminate it.


Babson Survey

We've been working with our Babson Business Team and together came up with a survey that many of you may have received recently. This will be a one time thing.


Thanks again for your continued support!


Ben and Geoff


    • Ben Forman