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San Francisco Special: Now Available for Pre-Order


The ZBoard San Francisco Special is the fastest, most powerful, longest running ZBoard we've ever made.


(shipping in October)

"Handles hills like a champ"... 


Range: 20 Miles.

Top Speed: 18 MPH.

Ability to Climb Hills.

Smooth High Traction Wheels.

Heavy Duty Die-Cut Grip Tape.

Since our launch last year, ZBoards have been ridden over 50,000 miles through 24 countries and the majority of the customer feedback we’ve heard has been: “WE WANT MORE… of everything… “ With this in mind, we’ve developed the ZBoard San Francisco Special.

More Range: With a range of 20 miles per charge (double that of the ZBoard Pro), you will tire out before your board does. This range is made possible by the SF Special’s new, high discharge 20Ah LiFePO4 battery pack, which features the largest capacity rating of any electric skateboard battery available. It also includes a new quick-charger, so even with twice the battery it will still charge just as fast.


Climb Higher: The SF Special’s battery, electronics, and tuning allow greater hill climbing by providing the motor with more power and dissipating more heat.

Stop Faster – Even Downhill: The SF Special has increased braking force and stronger reverse power to slow down and stop with more assertion while descending hills.


Go Faster: The SF Special features the highest top speed (18 mph) and quickest acceleration of any ZBoard.

Ride Smoother: Smooth, high traction 110mm wheels give the SF Special a smoother, more comfortable, less noisy ride. You can ride the SF Special all day and not get sore.

Rugged Styling: The SF Special includes an orange deck and die-cut grip tape outlining the city’s world famous skyline. This surface is designed to not wear down even after the hardest of rides.

If I purchase now, when will I receive my SF Special?
ZB SF Specials ordered today will ship in October.* Quantities are limited and those who do not pre-order are not guaranteed to receive their board within this timeline.

*If you purchase an upgrade kit, we will coordinate with you to have your board shipped back to our shop so it arrives near the end of September.


What if I already have a ZBoard Pro or Classic?

You can upgrade your current ZBoard to a SF Special with kits available for both Pro and Classic ZBoard models.  The kit, which we will install for you, includes the SF deck with die-cut grip tape, smooth high-traction wheels, and ultra-capacity LiFePO4 battery pack with higher discharge rating.  You will send your ZBoard in for installation of the upgrades and to have your electronics re-tuned.  Price for full upgrade from a Pro is $399, and from a Classic is $699, domestic shipping included both ways.

Learn more and purchase the upgrade package here.


What if I just want the battery?

For those who want the added range and performance of the SF Special, but prefer to leave the appearance of their ZBoard intact, we will be offering a Performance Upgrade Package. The kit, which we will install, includes the same battery and tuning upgrades as the SF Special. For current owners wishing to maximize their performance, the upgrade from a Pro is $299, and from a Classic is $599, domestic shipping included both ways.

Learn more and purchase the upgrade package (called Pro Special) here. Use the scroll down menu to select.


What if I already have smooth wheels?

If you are upgrading your current ZBoard to an SF Special, but have already purchased smooth wheels, email us for a discount code and you will be credited for the full price of the wheels on your upgrade kit order. 


What if I just want the deck?

The ZBoard SF Special will only be available for limited production run, and availability and pricing of cosmetic-only upgrades is TBD.




  • Ben Forman