Compare Our Electric Skateboards

We sell five types of ZBoard Electric Skateboards:  Our latest ZBoard 2 Blue and ZBoard 2 Pearl, along with our original models the Classic, Pro, and San Francisco Special.

ZBoard 2: 


Z2 Blue

Z2 Pearl

Buy ZBoard Electric Skateboard Buy Pro Motorized Longboard
 Price  $1199 ($1099 on IndieGoGo)  $1399 ($1299 on IndieGoGo)
 Top Speed 20 MPH 20 MPH
 Range** 16 Miles  24 Miles
 Charge Time  90 Mins 2.5 Hours
 Weight 16 Lbs 18 Lbs
Currently we are making the Z2 Blue and Z2 Pearl Models available for pre-Sale on our IndieGoGo Page.


Original ZBoards:



ProZBoard Pro Electric Motorized Skateboard

SFSF Motorized Skateboard

Buy ZBoard Electric Skateboard Buy Pro Motorized Longboard Buy Motorized Electric Skateboard
 Price  $599  $899   $1099 
 Top Speed 15 MPH / 18 MPH* 17 MPH / 20 MPH* 18 MPH / 20 MPH*
 Range** 5 Miles / 6 Miles*  10 Miles / 13 Miles* 18 Miles / 22 Miles*
 Charge Time  5-6 Hours 5-6 Hours 5-6 Hours
 Motor   400W Electric  400W Electric   400W Electric
 Battery  10Ah SLA 10 Ah LiFePO4 18 Ah LiFePO4
 Weight  33 lbs  25 lbs 28 lbs 
*RED figures are with our new Urethane Speed Wheel Upgrade.
Learn more here.

All Classics, Pros, and SF Specials include:

  • Handle for Easy Carrying
  • 110v - 220v Charger (works both in US and internationally)
  • Premium 110mm Smooth Rubber Wheels
  • 6-Ply, Made-in-the-USA Canadian Maple Deck (40" x 10.5")
  • $30 Flat Rate Domestic Shipping
  • OUR GUARANTEE that you will love it.

Optional Upgrades:



**All ZBoard Electric Skateboard models are range tested under a variety of real world conditions to determine proper speed and range ratings. “Highway” range - the range stated in the chart above - is determined under constant speed on smooth, flat pavement. “City” range is determined under normal riding conditions on flat ground, including regular stop and go on a variety of pavement conditions. Charge and maintenance status, terrain, rider size, topography, and riding style all influence battery life and top speed.


  • Classic: 5 Miles Highway / 3 Miles City
  • Pro: 10 Miles Highway / 7 Miles City
  • SF Special: 18 Miles Highway / 13 Miles City