Manufacturing Progress and Hurdles

May 05 2017

Check out our latest ZBoard 2 manufacturing progress.

Setting Production Records!

March 23 2017

Check out details on our recent production records along with the best recent pictures and videos from customers.

Ramping Up Production!

March 08 2017

ZBoard 2 has officially entered production!

Finalizing Beta 3.0 Testing

February 24 2017

See our latest details on Beta 3.0 and production.

Beta 3.0 Evaluation Thus Far

February 10 2017

Check our our recent Beta 3.0 testing results and latest delivery schedule.

International Shipping: Canada, Mexico, Europe, Austraila

February 09 2017

Information for European, Canadian, and Australian customers for completing their order.

Beta 3.0 Production Now Complete

January 25 2017

All Beta 3.0 boards have been shipped, check out our latest build schedule going forward.

ZBoard in Vegas for CES!

January 23 2017


Check out some videos from our two crazy days in Vegas!

Continuing Beta 3.0 Production

January 13 2017

Check out our latest behind-the-scenes manufacturing video.


Beta 3.0 Production in Full Swing

January 05 2017

Check out some photos of a record setting week and a letter from our CEO.

ZBoard 2 is Here!

January 04 2017

We've listened to your suggestions and built them into the ZBoard 2 - the most advanced electric skateboard ever. Check it out.

Mid-December Beta 3.0 Production Update

December 16 2016

Production is picking up! Check out our latest on Beta 3.0.

Beta 3.0 Production Update

November 21 2016

Our latest Beta 3.0 Production Progress

Beta Testing 2.1 Feedback Part 2/2

October 31 2016

In this update we detail our latest improvements and the new schedule

Beta Testing 2.1 Feedback Part 1/2

October 23 2016

Building and Shipping Out ZBoards

September 30 2016

Check out a behind the scenes look at how we build, test, package and ship ZBoards.

New Speed and Safety Modes

September 15 2016

Check our latest speed and safety improvements.

Early September Progress Update

September 02 2016

Check out the latest progress on our Beta 2.1 batch of ZBoard 2 units.

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