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Follow the directions below to replace your drive belt.

1) For this replacement you'll need the 3mm allen wrench from your toolkit (this will be the short, thin wrench), an extra belt, and a 13mm socket. If you do not have a socket, you may be able to complete this procedure with a set of pliers.

2) Use the 13mm socket to remove the lock washer and nylon nut from your drive wheel. Put these aside.

3) Remove your drive wheel by twisting it back and forth while pulling it away from the truck assembly. Your drive wheel may come out in two or three pieces. Remove all pieces and place them to the side. Leave the innermost thin washer in place.

4) Next, remove the belt cover using your 3mm allen wrench. Make sure to use the correct wrench and be careful not to strip the screws. When complete, place the screws and belt cover to the side.

5) Remove and dispose of the old drive belt.

6) Take a second to clean your belt housing of any dirt, rubber shavings, rocks or other debris.

7) Take your new belt and place it around the motor gear. Be sure to do this step first.

8) Next, push the rest of the drive belt into the belt housing.

9) Use your 3mm allen wrench to replace your belt cover.

10) Take your drive wheel and place in onto the axle (your thin washer should still be there). Twist the wheel back and forth while applying downward force until the teeth of the drive wheel sprocket catch the teeth of the belt. Push the drive wheel all the way in.

If your drive wheel came apart during removal simply press fit it back together.

11) Replace the lock nut and nylon nut. The lock nut should be placed between the wheel and nylon nut. The nylon nut should be placed with the nylon portion facing away from the wheel. 

11) Tighten nylon nut with 13mm socket.

12) Go ZBoarding!

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