Installing Compression Bushings

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To install compression bushings follow the directions below.

Step #1:
For this install you will need:

  • 1 x 14M Wrench (pliers or skate tool will work as well)
  • 2 x Compression Board-side Thick Cylinder Bushings
  • 2 x Medium Curved Washers
  • 2 x 5/16 Flat Washer 7/8" OD

Step #2:
Flip board over. Make sure it is off.


Note - if your trucks do not look like this, then you likely have torsion bushings. See details on torsion bushings here.

Step 3:
Use the 14M wrench to loosen kingpin nut. Turn counter-clockwise to loosen.

Step 4:
Place nut, small curved washer, and road-side tall cone bushing all to the side.

Step 5:
Push kingpin towards the battery box. You may need to hit it with the wrench or a rubber hammer.

Step 6:
Remove truck hanger. Place to the side.

Step 7:
Remove board-side, thick cylinder bushing. Also remove large curved washer.

Step 8:
Nest the narrow part of the washer into the medium curved washer

Step 9:
Place board-side thick cylinder bushing and medium curved washer onto the truck's baseplate.

Step 10:
Place hanger onto kingpin. Press kingpin back through the bushing and hanger.

Step 11:
Slide road-side tall cone bushing back onto kinpin. Place flat washer, then kingpin nut. Tighten kingpin nut until the flat washer no longer can move / spin.

Step 12:
Repeat steps for the rear truck.

Step 13:
Go ride! Start slow. Your new setup may perform quite a bit differently. If you are riding our blue, super soft bushings then make sure to tighten them down properly. Tinker around with different combos of board-side and street-side bushings to perfect your set up. Enjoy!


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