Designing Our Deck


Underside CNC Routing for ZBoard

The ZBoard deck is the result of over two years of work with some of the most respected longboard designers and manufacturers in the US. The deck was developed alongside Rotule, a high quality downhill deck designer with experience supporting riders going 50+ mph, and Watson Laminates, a world famous deck manufacturers maker of several legendary brands.

Our deck undergoes 15+ manufacturing processes before completion and the result is one of the most complex wooden skateboard decks ever made, with both classic styling and the sturdiness needed to be the backbone of the board.

This is not an off-the-shelf deck, rather it is designed and perfected to be the ideal platform for electric skateboarding.


Motorized ZBoard Skateboard Wooden Plies

Each deck is built from thin, flat sheets of Canadian Maple called “plies”. Nine of these plies are placed into a contoured mold with glue applied between each layer. On their own these plies are flexible and fragile but once glued, pressed and given time to dry, they obtain rigidity and contour. These contours are specifically designed to hug your feet to make footpad control and turning feel silky smooth.


Motorized Skateboard Wood CNC Cuts

As seen to the left above, on our ZBoard Pearl decks a thin Rosewood ply is pressed into the top of the mold.


Electric Longboard Wooden Veneers

We sampled dozens of veneers including Koa, Eucalyptus, Walnut, and several types of dyed Maple, before selecting Rosewood which was selected for it’s dark red / brown tones which really make the white wheels pop.

CNC Cut Wooden Electric Skateboard Deck

Once pressed, the deck is CNC cut (Computer Numerical Control) from Canadian maple. Using this type of cutting process allows us to make thousands of decks, all with extremely minimal differentiation in shape. That said, since no two pieces of wood are identical, each deck is visually unique.


ZBoard Electric Skateboards Cutting Wood

The first program cuts the deck’s outside edge, handles, and footpads. Also all 21 thru-holes are cut (8 for mounting the trucks, 8 for the battery box, 4 for the footpads, and 1 for the power button).


Z-Board Motorized Skateboard Deck

Once the top is complete the board is flipped to complete the routing for the battery box, front riser, and wheel wells.


Z Board Wooden Longboards

When cutting is complete, graphics are applied and the boards are sealed and allowed to dry for 48 hours.


ZBoard Pearl Electric Skateboard

After all that the deck gets bolted up and is ready to ride!

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