Designing our Trucks and Wheels


Forces on ZBoard Truck

The ZBoard's trucks and wheels have a huge influence on creating the board's silky smooth ride. Dozens of revisions have resulted in a truck / wheel combo that strikes a balance between stability, maneuverability, ride height, and weight.


To ensure stability, even at 20 mph, we designed oversized 11 inch wide trucks were designed to increase stability. Lots of factors were taken into consideration including potential wheel bite, bushing rebound, and turning radius.


Custom Cast ZBoard Front Truck

Our trucks started as CAD (Computer Aided Design) models, based on one of the most respected compression-style truck designs on the market.  By analyzing these models we were able to stress test components to verify that they'll be able to take thousands of miles of pounding.

Side View Render of ZBoard Rear Truck

By combining these truck hanger models with CADs for our baseplate, wheels, and trucks, we were able to estimate motion of the truck during turning to ensure neither wheel bite (where the wheels touch the bottom of the deck) or motor bite would not occur. 

CNC Truck Collage

Once the CAD models were complete we cut several hangers from a solid block of aluminum.

Black and Chrome ZBoard Truck Sets

Once cut, trucks were powder-coated black. Bushings were eventually switched to black as well.


The ZBoard's wheels are 90mm and 97mm - much larger than other longboard wheels and nearly twice the diameter of some street skate wheels. Larger diameters roll more efficiently on all types of pavement, put less wear on bearings, increase top speed, and have a better ride quality with thicker urethane that dampens bumps and vibration. Most importantly, these wheels breeze over cracks, gravel, railroad tracks, uneven pavement, and other obstacles that would otherwise cause dangerous situations for anything smaller.


Custom ZBoard Front Hanger

When bolted all together we have a stable and surfy super wide truck and oversized wheels which contribute to a ride that can handle anything you throw at it.

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