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After a long period of riding, the long washer inside the ZBoard's drive wheel may come loose and cause a clinking, rattling sound. To eliminate this sound, you have the option to remove this washer. 

To remove the washer following the steps below:

Step #1: Use a 13mm socket to remove the nut from the drive wheel. Turn counter clockwise to loosen.


Step #2: Place nut and lock washer to the side.


Step #3: Remove the drive wheel from the axle. Pull the wheel up and away from the truck while rotating the wheel back and forth.


Step #4: The drive wheel insert will stay engaged with the truck. Pull the long black metal washer off of the axle and put to the side. 


Step #5: Replace drive wheel. Make sure the spokes line up with the gear attachment. Rotate the wheel back and forth while applies downward pressure until the drive wheel clicks into place.


Step #6: Replace washer and nut.


Step #7: Use 13mm socket to tighten nut. Tighten until the washer no longer rattles between the wheel and nut.


If you are still hearing rattling after this washer removal, you may have a loose motor screw. Email us if you have this issue at


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