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If you've blown your ZBoard's fuse, follow the directions below to remove your blown fuse, locate your backup fuse, and install it on the motor controller.

Before you begin, check to make sure that your ZBoard is switched OFF.

1. Remove the padded grip from the handle, if one is attached.


2. Set your ZBoard on table or stand with the battery box supported.  The shipping container works well for this.




3. Remove the six (6) battery box screws using the supplied 1/8” hex key and a 3/8” socket or wrench. In the event you do not have the proper tooling, a crescent wrench or pair of pliers will also work to immobilize the nut. Place these screws and nuts to the side for later.



4. Carefully lift the ZBoard deck and battery box together, and rotate them so the wheels are supported instead of the battery box, and gently lower the battery box.  


5. Roll the deck on its side exposing the contents of the battery box.



6. Disconnect the motor from the speed controller. The motor connects to the motor controller with red and black plugs that attach to the bottom right of the motor controller. These plugs lead to a red and black “T” Plug, circled below. Disconnect it.


7. Carefully pull the motor wire out all the way out of the box, keeping the rubber grommet in place. If the grommet moves out of place, you can replace it later. 


8. Unplug the four white footpad wire connectors from the speed controller. Do not remove the connector that leads to the on/off switch. Pull out the connectors by firmly grasping the base wires and pulling away from the control board.


9. Pull the box away from the deck. 

10. Locate the blown fuse, circled in red below. Remove it by firmly pulling it away from the control board. Be careful not to damage the charge port wiring.


Note: If you have a older SF Special or Pro Special, your fuse will be contained in a fuse box as seen below:


Open the fuse box. This will take a bit of wiggling but you'll be able to open it.


If the "S Turn" is broken or any parts of the fuse or fuse box seem burned, please send us a picture. We will send you a new fuse.


11. Un-tape your extra fuse. Extra fuse will be taped to the bottom or side of the battery box. 


12. Firmly plug in extra fuse. It does not matter which way it goes in. Again, be careful not to damage the charge port wiring.


13.  Situate the board back on its side, next to the battery box. Insert the motor wire back through the rubber grommet and re-connect it via the red/back "T-plug" (look back at Step 6). This connection can be difficult when attempted straight on. If you are having trouble, attempt to "roll" the connector together, from one pin to the other. If the rubber grommet has been moved, push it back into place. 


14. Reconnect the four small white connectors to the motor controller as shown.  Improper wiring may cause your ZBoard to operate incorrectly or not at all.

See the picture below if you are unsure about the order of the white connectors.

15. Rotate the deck on top of the battery box. Lift the ZBoard deck and battery box together, and rotate them so the box is supported instead of the wheels.


16. Replace the six mounting screws and tighten them sufficiently.  We recommend adding one drop of thread lock compound on each screw, if available. We recommend you hand tighten the middle screw opposite of the handle side first, then the middle screw on the handle side, then the rest, before fully tightening them all.



17. If you have any questions about this install, email us at


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