How It's Built

Since our start in 2012, each and every ZBoard has been designed, built and tested at our California facility. Thousands of hours of engineering have gone into designing and refining the components that make up the ZBoard. Making over 100 unique parts work in harmony is no small task but upon your first ride you'll feel the cohesiveness of the package.

Check out a behind the scenes look at how we design and manufacture the Z:   

ZBoard Electric Skateboard DeckDecks

The materials in our decks undergo multiple processes before they're ready to ride. Learn more.

ZBoard Trucks and WheelsTrucks and Wheels

From CAD to 3D print to CNC to cast, our custom trucks are critical to the ZBoard's sturdy but surfy ride. Learn more.


ZBoard LED HeadlightsHeadlights and Tail Lights

Custom circuit boards and lenses on the ZBoard's nose and tail illuminate your way. Learn more.

ZBoard Electric Skateboard ManufacturingWhere It's Built

We've built thousands of ZBoards at our California facility. Check out a behind-the-scenes look here.