Indiegogo Letter


Below is the email that each Indiegogo backer will receive before we ship their board. 



Your order is in our Pre-Production Manufacturing Batch and your ZBoard 2 is almost ready to ship! The last steps are to verify your order contents, update your address, and pay for shipping / taxes. Once all these are complete you'll receive a new order number from our website. You'll get an email with your tracking number for your shipment in the coming weeks (we'll be able to further update this timeline as we gather more information).

Please follow the steps below:

1) Head over to our website by clicking on this custom cart link we've built for you. Do not share this link as it will only work for you.

<link to custom cart on our website>

2) Copy this gift card code, and paste it into the "Gift Card" option (found in the top right corner on Desktop, and visible if you click "Show Order Summary" on Mobile). Do not share this code, as it will only work once.

<custom gift card code"

3) Fill out your shipping and billing information. You will only be paying for shipping and sales tax. These were not covered by your Indiegogo pledge.

4) Please respond to this email with your 4 digit order number. This will help us match your Indiegogo backing to your website order.


-If your cart is missing an accessory, such as a shirt or carabiner tool, please complete the purchase of the cart and then respond to this email with the missing items. We will send you a second cart with free shipping and will include your accessories with your ZBoard shipment.

-If you'd like to add accessory items, please complete the purchase of your custom cart and send us an email with the items you are interested in. We'll send you a new cart with just the accessories and free shipping. We'll include your accessories with your ZBoard shipment.

-If your cart has the wrong type of ZBoard in it, please do not complete the purchase and notify us of the error.

-If you purchased multiple ZBoards, only one will be purchased at this time. If you have a special request (eg. you want to wait and have them both ship together at a later date) please send respond to this email with your request.

Let us know if you have any questions and thanks for your patience and support. We can't wait to get you riding!