Installing Urethane Wheels

The directions below will show you how to install your new urethane wheels.

Note - you must replace the wheels AND belt. The belt for the rubber wheels will not properly interface with the urethane wheels.


Step 1: Get an M3 allen wrench and M10 wrench (pliers will also work).

Also grab your urethane wheels and your new drive belt (not pictured below)


Step 2: Flip your board over so you can access the wheels.


Step 3: Use your M10 wrench to loosen the wheel nut on your drive wheel. Place wheel nut and lock washer to the side.


Step 4: Pull on your drive wheel while rotating it back and forth to loosen it. Pull it off of the axle and place to the side.


Step 5: Use your M3 allen wrench to loosen and remove your belt cover. Also remove your drive belt.

Be very careful during this step to make sure that these screw heads do not strip. Do not use a "close enough" allen wrench, make sure to use an M3.


Step 6: Remove your drive belt. Now all components of the drive train should be set to the side. Clean out your motor arm encasing if you see any rocks or rubber shavings.


Step 7: Install your new drive belt. This belt is slightly shorter than the standard belt.


Step 8: Install your urethane drive wheel. Push it on to the axle while rotating it back and forth. Make sure the drive gear properly interfaces with the drive belt. When you spin the drive wheel you should see the motor spin as well.

This is the proper spacing your drive wheel should have from the belt housing.


Step 9: Use the M3 allen wrench to secure your belt cover.


Step 10: Place your lock washer and nut back onto the wheel axle. Tighten with your M10 wrench. Make sure not to overtighten.


Step 11: Repeat these steps (minus the steps that work with the belt and belt cover) on the rest of your wheels.

Step 12: Go ride! Be sure to start slow in a safe place. The urethane wheels will ride slightly differently than you may be used to both in terms of speed and steering. You'll want to get the hang of it before you start carving or taking the board up to full speed.