Installing Your LED Spacers

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To install your structural LED spacers you will need:
  • 5/32" Allen key 
  • 7/16" wrench (a pair of pliers will also work)


Step 1:
Orient your ZBoard upside down in such a way that you can access the front truck screw heads.
Step 2:
Use the 5/32 allen key and 7/16 wrench to loosen and remove each of the four screws that anchor the front truck. 
At the end you should have 4 washers and 4 nuts. You can either leave the screws inside the deck or take them out. View Step 2 here if you'd like additional instructions.
You will see a blank, black spacer here, positioned between your truck and footpad.
Step 3:
Remove and discard the blank spacer.
Step 4:
Gently pull the white connector so it has some slack. If you do not have a white connector like this, please take a picture of the connector you have and email it to us at
Step 5:
Take your front LED Spacer (it will be the one with white leds and a on/off switch). Align it so it is oriented like the picture below, with the "nubs" facing downwards and the on/off switch pointing the same direction as the board's handle.
Step 6:
Connect the LED spacer to the wiring inside the footpad. 
Step 7:
Put the LED spacer into place.
Step 8:
Use the 7/16 wrench and 5/32 allen, along with the washers and nuts to re-install the truck. Do not over-tighten. You should be able to see 1-2 threads from the screw tips, visually protruding from the nut. See Steps 11-12 here if you'd like additional directions.
Step 9:
Adjust your ZBoard so the back truck's nuts are accessible.
Step 10:
Use the 5/32" Allen key and 9/16" wrench to loosen and remove the four screws, washers, and nuts. Place the rear truck on top of the battery box. Be careful not to pull the motor wire violently, as that could cause the motor wire grommet to yank out of the box.
Step 11:
Remove and discard the blank spacer.
Step 12:
Remove and discard the tow rope. If you use this a lot, and have an impact drill, you can attempt to keep this in there. We do not recommend it though as it will make your rear lights harder to see.
Step 13:
Gently pull the white connector partially out of the glue, so it has additional slack
Step 14:
Grab your rear LED Spacer and orient it as seen in the picture. Do not install it upside down. Make the connection.
Step 15:
Use the 5/32" allen key and 7/16" wrench to replace the mounting hardware. See Step 8 for details.
Step 16:
Turn on your lights and go ride!