Designing Our Headlights and Tail Lights


The ZBoard has built in super bright LED headlights and tail lights which allow you to see the road in front of you during lowly lit rides, and make you more visible to drivers and pedestrians. The LEDs are built into our front and rear risers, which are positioned between our deck and trucks, meaning that these parts not only had to last for thousands of blinks, they also had to be able to take a pounding.


The headlights and tail lights have three modes: On, Blink, and Off. To cycle the modes you press the power button on the ZBoard's nose. 


Our front headlight is equipped white LEDs and a converging red lens. We've set a focal point of 8 feet in front of the rider which helps you identify any bumps or cracks in front of you in low light.

Our rear tail lights are equipped with red LEDs and a diverging, red lens. They are designed to spread the light from the LEDs to make them visible from a wide angle.


Electric Skateboard Headlight Prototypes

Initially we 3D printed our prototype risers and laser cut our lenses.

Laser Cut ZBoard Headlight Lenses

Once we verified the design we shifted the risers to injection molded plastic parts and the lenses to molded clear acrylic.


Front LED Shining on Spacers

The resulting LED Risers are strong enough to take thousands of miles of pounding and blinking without breaking or burning out.


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