My ZBoard

Below you'll find videos to help you troubleshoot and repair your board. If you have any questions email us at

1) How to Change Speed Modes

Watch this video to learn how to change speed modes on your board.

Beginner Mode: Slow Blue Blink / 6 MPH Top Speed

Normal Mode: Medium Blue Blink / 14 MPH Top Speed

Expert Mode: Rapid Blue Blink / 20 MPH Top Speed

Ludicrous Mode: Rapid Red Blink / 20 MPH w/ Extreme Acceleration

2) Pressing the Reset Button

If your board ever turns off before the battery dies (the LED ring will blink red before it dies) its possible that the Battery Management System (BMS) has sensed a potential over-current and has turned the board off to prevent damage to the internals.

If the board turns off and wont turn back on the follow the directions in this video to press the reset button. Once pressed the board will turn off. You will be able to then turn it back on.

3) How to Troubleshoot Your Footpads

Follow this video to troubleshoot your footpads.

As you follow along if you find that the board works without one of the footpads connected, you can purchase a replacement here.

4) How to Adjust your Trucks

Follow this video to see how to adjust your trucks. By tightening your trucks (turning the kingpin nut clockwise) the ZBoard will be more stable but less maneuverable. If you loosen your trucks (turning the kingpin nut counter-clockwise) the ZBoard will be less stable but more maneuverable.