Removing and Replacing your Speed Controller

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Follow the directions below if you have received a replacement speed controller.




Note - Do not worry if the controller you received looks slightly different than the controller that your ZBoard came with. We are constantly working to improve this part and later revisions may look different. This goes for Classic, Pro, and SF maintenance procedures. Do not remove anything from your controller. Please email us if you have any questions.



Make sure your ZBoard is off before any repairs.


Step 1:

Remove your battery box by following these directions. It is very important that you unplug your battery (the large white connector coming from the battery.


Step 2:

Once the battery's large white connector is disconnected, unplug the on/off switch. It has blue/red/black wiring and a white connector.


Step 3:

Disconnect the red battery wire.

Note: If your battery box has a fuse holder rather and a surface mounted fuse, follow these directions instead of Steps 3-5 below.



Step 4: 

Disconnect the black battery wire.


Step 5:
Put the battery wiring harness to the side.


Step 6:

Use a Phillips head screw driver to remove the two screws holding on the speed controller to the back wall of the battery box.


Step 7:

Take the two screws with plastic washers and place them to the side.


Step 8:

Use a Phillips screwdriver to remove the two screws securing the heat sink to the bottom of the battery box. 


Step 9:

Place the screws with lock washers to the side.


Step 10:

Pull controller out of the battery box. If you received a return label with your controller please wrap it in the included bubble wrap, place it in the box and send it back with the return label.


Step 11:

Ensure that the white spacers are still in place.


Step 12:

Unwrap your new controller and thermal paste.


Note: If your new controller looks different than your old controller, do not worry, that is normal.


Apply thermal paste on and around the thermocouple. Make sure the thermocouple is touching the heat sink. Bend the thermocouple wiring as much as is necessary.


Do not skip this step. It is very important that the thermocouple is touching the heat sink.


Step 13:

Evenly apply thermal paste to the underside of the heat sink. Do not fill the holes.


Step 14:
Place speed controller back into battery box. The heat sink holes should slide over the female threaded cylinders.


Step 15:

Use a Phillips screwdriver the screws with the metal locking washers to secure down the heat sink. We recommend that you use thread lock (available at most hardware stores) on these screws.


Step 16:

Use a Phillips screwdriver and the screws with plastic washers to secure the speed controller to the back of the battery box. It is very important to use the plastic washers. We recommend you use thread lock on these screws. Do not over-tighten.


Step 17:

Re-attach the battery wires. Do not connect the battery (the white connector). 


Note: The below wiring segment will possibly be pre-soldered to your new speed controller


Step 18:

Re-connect the on/off switch. The on/off switch has blue/red/black wiring.



Step 19:

Thread the motor wire through the hole in the back of the battery box. Connect it to the speed controller. Make sure the connectors slide completely on to their terminals.


Note - This wire may be pre-attached to your new speed controller. If so you can dispose of the old wiring segment.

Step 20:
Re-secure the black grommet into the hole in the back of the battery box. It will be easier if you secure the bottom part first, then the top.


Step 21:

Re-attach the footpad and LED connectors. Make sure to put them in the correct order and to push them in until you hear a "click."


Step 22:

Re-attach the charge port connector (black) and battery connector (white).


At this point in time you can turn your ZBoard on and press the front footpad. Make sure the drive wheel is able to spin freely (or else your board may shoot off the table). If you don't see the drive wheel accelerating, check back to make sure you did not miss a step.


Step 23:

Slide a ~2 inch item (such as a book or roll of tape) underneath the battery box. Raising it up closer to the deck. Tilt the deck back over the battery box. Try to guide the wiring coming out of the foam into the gap between the battery and the side of the battery box.


Step 24:

Use a 1/8" allen and a 3/8" wrench to secure the battery box to the deck. We recommend using thermal lock on these screws.


Step 25:

Re-attach the handle cover


Step 26:

Go ride!


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