Replacing Your Footpad Covers

To replace your footpad covers you will need all the items below:
The following items will be supplied in your footpad replacement kit
  • 2 rubber footpad covers
  • 2 foam discs (not pictured)
  • 10 footpad screws
The rest of the needed supplies will have come in your ZBoard’s toolkit or you can purchase them at a local hardware store
  • 5/32" Allen key 
  • “#1” Phillips head screw driver (a drill will make the process easier)
  • 7/16" wrench (a pair of pliers will also work)
Step 1:
Orient your ZBoard upside down in such a way that you can acess the truck screw heads.
Step 2:
Use the 5/32 allen key and 7/16 wrench to loosen and remove each of the four screws that anchor the front truck. 
At the end you should have 4 screws, 4 washers, and 4 nuts. Put these to the side for later.
Step 3:
Carefully remove the truck and place to the side.
Step 4:
Remove the 1/8” spacer. Put to the side.
Note: if you are installing your LED structural spacers, press fit the spacer into the front footpad as seen below. 
Notice the notch in the top right corner for the on/off switch.
See below how the two structural spacers are different.
For the back LED structural spacer (skip to Step 15 for more details) press fit the expanded PVC into the LED spacer as seen below:
If you are not installing LED structural spacers ignore the directions above and continue.
Step 5:
Tilt back the front foot pad. Be careful not to rip the wires out of the silicon-filled routed channel in the deck. Use the phillips head screw driver and remove the nine screws holding down the ring surrounding the footpad.
Put the 9 screws to the side when all removed.
Step 6:
Once all the screws on the ring have been removed, pull the ring and vinyl footpad cover away. Put to the side.
Step 7:
Remove the used foam disc. Use the screw driver or a credit card to help get it out.
Put old foam disc to the side.
Step 8: Place new foam disc into the plastic cylinder over the square spacer.
Step 9:
Grab the new footpad cover and place it over the foam. When correctly installed, the footpad inclines towards the center of the board (if you are looking at the board from above). See the third picture for a small "notch" circled in red. This "notch" should point to the right when viewed from this angle. Be sure to use five of the new screws supplied in your replacement kit.
This picture shows what the pad should look like when complete. See that the notch is to the right.
Be sure to apply pressure to the footpad cover when tightening down the screws. The screws must go through the footpad cover and "catch" the plastic base.
Here is the new footpad cover when installed correctly.
Step 10:
Place newly covered footpad back into footpad hole. Also replace 1/8" spacer. Be sure to place orient spacer so that the silicon dots on the spacer fill in the holes in the footpad.
Step 11:
Place the front truck back on to the footpad and 1/8" spacer.
Step 12: 
Replace the four bolts, four washers and four nuts.
Once you've hand tightened the four screws / washers / nuts, use the 7/16 wrench and 5/32 allen to tighten.
Now your front footpad cover installation is complete. 
Step 13:
Adjust your ZBoard so the back truck's foot pad's are accessible.
Step 14:
Use the 5/32" Allen key and 9/16" wrench to loosen and remove the four screws, washers, and nuts.
Step 15: 
Move the rear truck on top of the battery box. Make sure not to disturb or pull out the grommet sealing the motor wire opening.
Remove the tow rope. Put to the side.
Step 16:
Tilt footpad up against the battery box. Make sure to limit the amount you tear the wiring out of the siliconed channel.
Step 17:
Use the phillips screw driver to loosen and remove the nine screw holding down the ring that surrounds the footpad.
Step 18:

Remove the footpad cover and used foam disc.
Use a screwdriver or credit card to remove the old foam disc.
Step 19:
Install new foam disk and place new foam cover.
Remember that when correctly installed, the footpad will slant towards the middle of the board. When looking from this angle, you should see a "notch," circled in red below, to the right side of the footpad cover.
Use the Philips screwdriver to secure the five new screws that came with your footpad replacement kit. Be sure to apply pressure to the footpad cover during this process (as seen in Step #9) to ensure that the screw threads go all the way through the footpad cover and catch the footpad base.
Step 20:
Replace the footpad, tow rope, 1/8" spacer, and truck.
Step 21:
Use the 5/32" allen key and 7/16" wrench to replace the mounting hardware. See Step 13 for details.
Step 22:
Go ride!