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The ZBoard is the perfect vehicle for Summer. Whether you're cruising to work, the beach, the park, the store, or to a friend's BBQ, arrive in style on a Z.




ZBoard 2 Blue

16 Mile Range
Normally $1299
Save $300 with code "SUMMER300"

ZBoard 2 Pearl

24 Mile Range
Normally $1499
Save $300 with code "SUMMER300"

Riders Love the ZBoard 2!

From San Diego to Boston to Tampa to Texas, we love hearing from our riders and seeing their photos.

"How to survive the Summer living in NYC... get a ZBoard.  I love it. You have no idea how much easier it makes my life."

James  in New York, NY

"Holy crap so much fun!! Feels super natural once you get the feel. Haven't been on a board for a while and this was super easy to adjust to."

Rob in Huntington Beach, CA 

"Before the ZBoard I had never ridden a skateboard in my life. I just rode 6 miles roundtrip today to work without breaking a sweat. The board is truly amazing."

Jeff in Atlanta, GA

Hands-Free Control

Both ZBoard 2 models feature our patented hands-free control. Simply lean forward to go and lean back to stop. Why pick the ZBoard's footpads over a board with a hand controller? See our article:

The Top 6 Reasons We Love Footpads

Massive range means you'll be riding all day

Blue Range: 16 Miles
Pearl Range: 24 Miles

With the ZBoard's large lithium-ion batteries capable of riding up to 16 to 24 miles per charge, your knees will get tired before your board does. Prepare to ride all day - leaving the charger at home.

Light up the night 

On, Off, Or Blink

See and be seen with the ZBoard's integrated headlights and tail lights. With a single press you can turn them on or set them to blink.

Large, soft urethane wheels for a smooth ride

Blue: 90mm 80a
Pearl: 97mm 83a

Each ZBoard features large, soft, premium urethane wheels - some of the biggest on the market. With these wheels you'll be able to power over every crack, pothole, stick, and rock that gets in your way.

Grab and go

The ZBoard comes with dual integrated handles, making the board easy to pick up once you reach your destination. This may seem like a small feature but its one you'll be thankful for multiple times per day.

It starts with a great longboard

Quality is in the details

The ZBoard 2 started as a rock solid longboard before we added motors and batteries. The deck's "W" concave hugs your feet and the kick tail is perfect for tacking or for picking your board up. 280mm wide trucks and high rebound bushings give the ZBoard a stable yet carvy ride.

Built and tested in California

No Chinese manufacturing here

Every ZBoard is built and tested by a member of our team at our shop in California.  We've been building ZBoards since 2012 and our products have be ridden over one million miles in 60+ countries.

"Ditching the controller actually made it feel more like I was just riding a regular skateboard."

"The ZBoard's acceleration is wild, especially when you ramp it up to the higher "expert" and "ludicrous" modes. Of all the Rideables that were shown at CES the ZBoard 2 was my favorite."

"I really like that pressure pad and how responsive that is. Hell ya!"

Our Boards

ZBoard 2 Blue

ZBoard 2 Pearl