Replacing Your Bushings

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The ZBoard’s bushings impact several riding characteristics. The firm, green bushings are the most stable and thus easiest to learn on. Another option is the ZBoard's soft bushings (orange/yellow or black). Once equipped with soft bushings, the ZBoard will have increased maneuverability but will require more skill to control at higher speeds.

To replace your bushings, follow the directions below:


Step #1: To complete this process you will need  a 17mm socket and the new bushings. If you do not have a 17mm socket, you can attempt the directions below using a set of pliers. Place your ZBoard upside down on a table. Make sure the switch is in the "off" position.


Step #2: Use the socket to loosen the nut on the underside of the front trucks. Turn counter-clockwise to loosen.


Step #3: Remove washer and nut. Place to the side.


Step #4: Pull truck and bushing off of mounting plate. You may have to use a flat-head screw driver as seen in Step #10.


Step #5: Unwrap replacement bushing. See that there are three small holes in the bushing. These are designed to line up with three small circular extrusions on the truck mounting plate.


Step #6: Install bushing. Push down until bushing is flush with the mounting plate.


Step #7: Press truck down into bushing. The truck can only be installed in one direction. As you press the truck down, be sure not to push the long black king pin screw down through the mounting plate. If the king pin slides through the truck mount, replace it and restart Step #7.

Place the washer over the king pin.


Step #7: Replace nut. Hand tighten.


Step #8: Use the 17mm ratchet to tighten the nut. Tighten until the bushing is flush to both the mounting plate and truck. Do not over-tighten.



Step #9: Loosen back truck nut. Place nut and washer to the side.


Step #10: Remove truck from motor mount. You may have to use a flat-head screw driver.

Step #11: Carefully pull truck and motor attachment off of the rear mounting plate. Rotate and set the motor to the side to prevent scratching your battery box.  Be sure not to pull the motor wire grommet out of the battery box.


Step #12: Pull off old bushing. If old bushing will not move, you may need to use a flat-head screwdriver to pry it off.

Step #13: Repeat steps 5-8.


Step #16: Go Ride! You may want to experiment with different front/back bushing combos.

Note: Bushings will wear in the more you ride them.

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