Footpads: Troubleshooting, Removing, and Replacing

This video will show you how to troubleshoot your footpads. If your board will change speed modes but the drive wheel wont move when pressing the front footpad, you may need a replacement footpad.

1) Troubleshoot your Footpads

This video will show you how to:
1) Remove the rear footpad, test.
2) Remove the front footpad.
3) Take the footpad that was previously on the rear and install it on the front, test.

Note - During none of these tests will you have *both* footpads on the board at the same time.

2a) Purchase replacement footpad

If during either step 1 or 3 described above (and in the video) the drive wheel does spin properly, the you'll need to purchase a replacement footpad below. Follow the video below to see how to install it. If you go this route we also recommend saving your footpad screws.

electric skateboard footpad new


Replacement Footpad

2b) If the drive wheel did not spin during footpad troubleshooting...

If the drive wheel did not spin at any time during the footpad troubleshooting during step 1, please complete this survey.