Warranty, Repairs, and Cancellations

Does the ZBoard 2 have a return policy?

Yes. The ZBoard 2 comes with a 7 day return policy.

If you aren't completely satisfied with your board, let us know at support@myzboard.com and we'll email you a return label. If your board is returned in like-new condition, you will receive a complete refund, minus a 15% restocking fee (additional fees may apply to international orders). Note that if your board has scratches to the trucks, battery box, or deck, you may not receive the entire refund.


Does the ZBoard come with a warranty?

Yes. The ZBoard comes with a six month warranty.

The warranty does not cover water damage. If for some reason your board is malfunctioning we will send you replacement parts and installation directions, or send you a return label for the entire board, depending on the severity of the issue and your comfort level with basic tools.
View the full warranty here.