Replacing The ZBoard's Wheels -> Wheel Replacement

To replace a wheel set follow the directions below.

1) To complete this replacement you will need an alternate set of wheels and a 13mm socket. If you do not have the correct socket you can use a set of pliers.

2) Use the 13mm socket to remove the wheel nut. Turn counter-clockwise to loosen.

3) Remove nylon nut and lock washer.

4) Rotate drive wheel back and forth while pulling up and away from the truck. Pull drive wheel off of the axle.

5) Drive wheel may come off all together or in two pieces. If it comes out in two pieces (or two pieces and a bearing), remove all pieces and put them aside.

6) Take your new drive wheel and slide onto axle. Rotate rapidly back and forth while pressing wheel downward to force the teeth of the drive wheel sprocket into the teeth of the drive belt.

7) Place lock washer and nylon nut onto axle threads. The lock nut should be placed inside the nylon nut. The nylon part of the nylon nut should be facing outward.

8) Use 13mm socket to tighten nylon nut. Do night tighten so tight that the wheel cannot rotate. Do not allow the weel to be so loose that the lock nut is able to rattle.

9) Turn board over so drive wheel is on the table.

10) Use 13mm socket to remove nylon nut and lock nut. Put these to the side.

11) Remove wheel.

12) Place new wheel onto axle.

13. Place lock washer and nylon nut on to axle. Nylon should be pointed out, away from the wheel.

14) Tighten nylon nut with 13mm socket.

15) Repeat steps 10-14 for the front two wheels.

16) Go ZBoarding on your new set of wheels!