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Contact: Ben Forman. ben@zboadshop.com 650-380-0309

Ever since announcing the original ZBoard Weight-Sensing Electric Skateboard on Kickstarter in 2012 we have been listening to feedback from our riders in every US state and over 50 countries. We've heard their input after logging hundreds of thousands of miles of riding and we're excited to implement their suggestions into our next generation product: ZBoard 2, the lightest, fastest, most fun ZBoard ever.

To make ZBoard 2 happen we are once again looking for support from our community, this time on IndieGoGo.

Check out the ZBoard 2 on IndieGoGo Here.

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Two New Models: ZBoard 2 Blue and ZBoard 2 Pearl 

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Ride Right Away:

Even if you've never ridden a skateboard before you'll be ZBoarding within minutes with our easy to learn, weight-sensing control scheme. To accelerate you simply lean forward on the front footpad. Speed control is completely variable so you an lean forward a little bit to go walking speed, or lean forward more to hit the top speed of 20 miles per hour.

Leaning back kicks in regenerative braking, meaning you can safely descend hills while also recharging the battery.

No previous skateboarding experience is required. We have hundreds of ZBoard riders who had never stepped on a skateboard before their ZBoard, who are now seasoned pros.


Grab and Go: Lightweight and Easy to Carry

The ZBoard 2 features a lightweight design (16 lbs) and dual integrated handles that make it easy to pick up and take with you onto public transportation or into a classroom or office.

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See and Be Seen

The ZBoard 2 features integrated LED headlights and tail lights. These 15 hi-power LEDs have three modes – on, off, and blink – which the rider can choose depending on the situation. These LEDs make it easier for you to see the road and make it easier for others to see you.

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Other Features Include:

Fast Charging: Recharge the battery in approximately 90 mins. The charger is 110v - 240v ready and will work in the US, Asia, Europe, Australia, and more.
Integrated Battery Meter: The ZBoard's power button is surrounded by a multi-color LED ring. The color of this ring will change as the battery diminishes.
Brushless Motor Means Natural Coasting: Our new 1000W brushless motor is faster, more powerful, and more efficient than previous ZBoard motors. The brushless design allows for a  more natural coast, allowing you to push the ZBoard for many miles even after the battery expires.
About the Team:

Based in Northern California, our team is made up of mechanical engineers with a passion for skateboarding, snowboarding, and surfing. We come from backgrounds in Robotics and Product Design and are trained in a wide variety of disciplines including CAD, CNC Machining, Computer Programming, and Electrical Engineering.

The idea for the ZBoard came to the us while brainstorming for our senior project at the University of Southern California. Tired of bikes getting stolen and having to push skateboards up hills and over Los Angeles’ notoriously uneven streets, our goal was clear: design a device that is faster and easier to ride than a skateboard, and more fun and portable than a bike.

Six years later we have sold ZBoards to every US state and over 50 countries. We are now more excited that ever to release ZBoard 2, our best ZBoard ever.

Check out the ZBoard 2 on IndieGoGo Here.


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