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What's New?
The Basics: What is a ZBoard?
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What's New?:

Feedback from ZBoard 2 Indiegogo Backers Has Led to a Safer Board with More Power and Features than Ever.



Since our successful Indiegogo project raised over $900,000 we have been hard at work to bring the ZBoard 2 to our community. To ensure the highest level of safety and reliability, we've worked with our most passionate backers to put the board through several rounds of public beta testing all with our most passionate backers all around the US. Their feedback has been implemented with a wide array of features.



New!: Multiple Speed Modes

In discussions with our beta testers we learned that riders with different experience levels wanted different levels of performance. With this in mind, each ZBoard 2 has four different Speed Modes:

Beginner 6mph Slow Slow
Normal 14mph Medium Medium
Expert 20mph Fast Fast
Ludicrous 20mph Extreme Extreme


With multiple speed modes, riders with zero skateboard experience can jump on in Beginner mode and ride right away. More advanced riders can rip around town in Ludicrous mode.


New!: Temperature Safety Modes

In light of the lithium battery scares of 2017 the ZBoard Team has been committed to safety. The ZBoard is equipped with two Temperature Safety Modes:

Temp Warning Mode: The ZBoard alerts the rider when the board has reached within five degrees of its temperature ceiling - intentionally set below a level that would damage the board. Throttle power is reduced but the board maintains full braking power.
Over Temperature Mode: The ZBoard also alerts the rider when the board hits the temperature ceiling. Throttle is disabled but the board still maintains full braking power. With throttle disabled, this give the board a chance to cool down.

These Temperature Safety Modes keep the ZBoard 2 and its rider safe, even in high load situations. 



New! More Powerful Motor for Better Hill Climbing

By implementing a 1000W hall-sensed brushless outrunner motor we've doubled the board's power since our campaign.


New!: Brighter Headlights and Tail Lights

Backers wanted to see at night and be seen by cars, so we increased headlight brightness by 50%.



The Basics: What is a ZBoard?

The ZBoard is the world's first and only weight-sensing electric skateboard. To ride you simply lean forward to go and lean back to stop.


Two Models for Two Types of Riders:

Our lightweight (17 lb) ZBoard 2 Blue is for casual riders while our long range (24 miles) ZBoard 2 Pearl is for hardcore riders.

ZBoard 2 Blue

ZBoard 2 Pearl

Price: $1299
Price: $1499
Top Speed: 20 MPH Top Speed: 20 MPH
Range: 16 Miles Range: 24 Miles
Weight: 17 lbs Weight: 19 lbs
Recharge Time: 3.5 hrs Recharge Time: 4.5 hrs
Deck: Canadian Maple Deck: Rosewood
Wheels: Blue 90mm Wheels: White 97mm


Patented Weight-Sensing Control:

Unlike other electric skateboards with hand controllers, on the ZBoard to accelerate you simply lean forward on the front footpad. Speed control is completely variable so you an lean forward a little bit to go walking speed, or lean forward more to hit the top speed of 20 miles per hour.

Leaning back kicks in regenerative braking, meaning you can safely descend hills while also recharging the battery.


Hands-Free Design

Weight-Sensing Control brings added convenience as your hands are free to carry items, open doors, etc, and you never have a wireless hand controller to worry about charging or losing. Just grab the Z, turn it on, and go.


No Dropouts

The ZBoard doesn't rely on wireless communication, meaning there are no concerns of controller dropouts like some remote controller-based competitors see in city centers. To combat this their customers actually share known dead zones in their cities.


Grab and Go: Lightweight and Easy to Carry

The ZBoard 2 features dual integrated handles that make it easy to pick up and take with you onto public transportation or into a classroom or office. Other electric skateboard may be lighter, but only the ZBoard features handles that protect your hands (and pants) from scratchy grip tape. Lightness is nice but portability with the ZBoard is king.


Big Soft Wheels for Smooth Riding

The ZBoard 2's wheels are bigger than nearly all the competition. These large soft wheels reduce vibrations and make for a smoother ride. Many other electric skateboards feature smaller (<80mm) wheels or hub motors that reduce urethane base and increase vibrations.


Made in California

Each ZBoard is hand assembled at our facility in Northern California. Check out the B-Roll below to see our manufacturing in action.


B-Roll and Photos

Click here for our B-Roll, Videos, and Photos.



Ben Forman