ZBoard 2

Our lightest, most nimble board, The ZBoard 2 Pearl is ideal for short trips in the city, errands across campus, or weekend joy rides. 

Hands-Free Control

With our patented hands-free control you simply lean forward on the front footpad to go up to 20 mph, and lean back on the rear footpad to brake.

The feeling is unlike any other. 

Range: 16 Miles

The ZBoard 2 Blue is equipped with a lightweight lithium battery designed to be powerful enough to speed you through your day while still maximizing portability.

Large Diameter,
Soft Urethane

At 97mm the ZBoard 2 Pearl's wheels will dominate cracks, sticks, potholes, and whatever else you throw in its path. With a soft, robust 83a urethane blend you can count on a set lasting for a while.

Integrated Headlights and Tail Lights

See and be seen. Turn on the ZBoard's headlights to light up your way in low light. Set them to blink mode to make yourself more visible to those around you.

We build and test. You ride.

Every ZBoard 2 Pearl is built and tested by members of our team in California. We're passionate about ZBoards and we ride every day.